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This is Kayla’s senior year as well as her fourth year with the Tomball STAGE. Kayla has acted in productions such as, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, After Juliet, The Complete History of America (abridged), The Little Mermaid, The Angelina Project, and Wit. Kayla plans to major in Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering. Kayla is looking forward to the growth and betterment of the theatre department as well as making new friends along the way.





 Vice President

Jenna is excited to serve the Tomball STAGE as Vice President and is a senior at Tomball High School. Jenna also participates in the school’s varsity chorale and volunteers in children’s ministry. Some of her favorite shows she's been involved in are The Little Mermaid, The Musical Comedy of the 1940’s, and Wit. She hopes to create a safe and positive learning environment for students to pursue their love of theatre. Go Coogs!












 Business Manager

Gianna has been a dedicated member of the Tomball STAGE since 2015. She's done a variety of work including acting in main stage productions and stage managing the UIL one act play, Wit, in 2018. Outside of the department she challenges herself with rigorous school work and works a part time job. Gianna looks forward to bettering the department as a whole and strives to install motivation among the new members.












Jessica is enjoying her senior year with Tomball STAGE as the Historian, along with participating in the varsity chorale. She has been involved with the STAGE since her sophomore year and has been in several shows such as: The Little Mermaid, The Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940’s, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Wit. She hopes to continue in college with an emphasis in Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance. Jessica’s goal as a STAGE officer is to create a welcoming department for all incoming and returning students.











Jackson is a junior this school year at Tomball High School. Jackson has been involved in the technical aspects of STAGE shows such as; The Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940’s, Wit, Night of Scenes, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This year, Jackson looks forward to connecting with students to apply the best attitude towards serving the department.













 Publicity Officer

Dalton is a junior this year, and has been working with the Tomball STAGE since his freshman year. He is excited for what he’s able to bring the department this year as the Publicity officer. While he is mainly a techie, he has also acted in The Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940’s as Patrick O'Reilly. He has also worked Prop Master for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, as well as projections tech for Wit. After High School, he plans to attend college for Sound Design and Sound Engineering.












 Public Relations

Jacob is the Public Relations officer of the Tomball STAGE since his freshman year. This is his senior year of High School and he is excited to work with his fellow officers. His goal for the year is to help create a bigger and brighter world for the community by helping the department grow by using creative and innovative ideas. He hopes to further enhance students experience in theatre to something they will take with them forever. With his past three years of experience of being involved in shows and his previous time on the board, he is thrilled to work with the students.




Kayla is a senior this year and is proud to be the Tomball STAGE Secretary. Some of the productions that she has been involved in are The Little Mermaid, The Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940’s, and Wit. Kayla is looking forward to improving the Tomball STAGE.