Tomball STAGE Mission Statement

As a united group, we strive to create theatre that educates, entertains, and enriches the community, as well as

the lives of our members, through a shared passion for the arts.

International Thespian Society Pledge

“I promise to uphold the aims and ideals of The International Thespian Society. I am a student of theatre and

excellence is my ideal. I promise to perform my part as well as I can; to accept praise and criticism with grace; to

cooperate with my fellow Thespians and work for the good of the troupe; and to share my love of theatre. Act well

your part, there all the honor lies.”

Philosophies of the Tomball High School Theatre Arts Department

We radiate ideals of humanity and stand as an example of leadership and citizenship for others to follow.

We strive to create a legacy driven by expanding knowledge and enhancing preparation for life.

Using our newly developed skills, we create better art based upon our love for our craft.

We are an organization devoted to giving back as much or more than we receive.

A Theatre is a Temple where Art is created—it should be treated with Reverence and Respect.

Theatre is a place to escape the problems of life—not to let them interfere with the process of creation.

Taking good care of oneself is important for retaining one’s good health and the success of the whole.

Having fun in Theatre comes from putting forth effort, being disciplined, and doing the job correctly. The

rewards are ten fold compared to being adequate, sliding by, or just pulling it off.

Tomball STAGE Theme 2019-2020

Reaching For The Stars!