101 Tips to Success in the Tomball STAGE 


  1. STAGE (All Caps - No Periods) means “Stagecraft and Theater Arts for the Gift of Entertainment.”
  2. Attendance at STAGE meetings is required to run for office and voting input—strive for 100 percent.
  3. STAGE meetings are on Tuesdays after school—usually the first Tuesday of the month.
  4. STAGE HANDS (All Caps - No Periods), “Helping And Nurturing Drama Students” – the drama parent booster club.
  5. Our organization is registered in the International Thespian Society as Troupe #899.
  6. The Thespian motto and our creed: “Act well your part; there all the honor lies.”
  7. “Reaching for the Stars” is our theme for this year. Our goal is to positively influence the future of the Tomball STAGE?
  8. When you hear the word “Tomball” projected by an officer, you reply “STAGE” and hush!
  9. The callboard is located in the theatre hallway – check it daily.
  10. The Tomball STAGE logo represents the 3 types of stages: proscenium, arena, and thrust.
  11. Audition and casting motto: “There are no small parts, only small actors.”
  12. Directors’ motto: “Remember, you are auditioning for me every minute!”
  13. Officers are on duty before and after school to answer questions, or you can drop a note in their box.
  14. Love thy fellow thespian as thyself (aka be nice)!
  15. While at rehearsal or crew, the focus should be on the production, not your cell phone.
  16. The keys are color-coded so learn fast, relock what you unlock, don’t ask twice, and return them immediately to the director from whom you received them.
  17. It is not wise to leave campus and attempt to return in time for a 3:00 pm rehearsal, crew, or performance.
  18. President, Preston, is the leader of the pack.
  19. Vice-President, Grace, communicates with parents.
  20. Business Manager, Avery, is in charge of money.
  21. Historian, Kendall, needs your pictures.
  22. Parliamentarian, Anthony, maintains strategy at meetings and handles points.
  23. Publicity, Noah, lets people know about shows and handles t-shirts.
  24. Public Relations, Wyatt, is in charge of the house crew and community outreach.
  25. Secretary, Christy, creates bios and programs.            
  26. Auditions are open to every Tomball High School student of every grade level, unless otherwise noted.
  27. Every evening event begins at 7:00 pm, unless dinner is served, which will begin at 5:30 pm (excluding rehearsals).
  28. Musicals are generally produced every other year – “Grease” and “High School Musical” will never be an option, so please don’t ask.
  29. There are not enough roles to give every deserving, talented student a part—be grateful and/or gracious.
  30. Tech week is the week before a show when all aspects of the production must come together as a cohesive unit.
  31. Theatre Technicians – otherwise known as techies – are specialists, not clean up people.
  32. Ushers give the viewing public their first impression of our productions – dress and behave professionally.
  33. A clean and odorless dressing room is a very happy dressing room!
  34. Please eat before you get into costume. Eating in costume will CO$T you.
  35. Areas of the department are NOT second cafeterias – Spend your cougar block in the commons or a classroom with a teacher/director. (Don’t forget to clean up after yourselves!)
  36. Costumes WILL BE hung and handled with tender loving care, or you will find yourself without one.
  37. Touching props that are not assigned to you is considered rude, unprofessional, dangerous, and WILL NOT be tolerated.
  38. Keep props in their assigned area – walking off with them leads to misplacement.
  39. The Little Shop is located across from the theatre backstage door, and the Scene Shop is located across the parking lot from the end of the theatre hall.
  40. This department is our second home.  Let’s keep it clean!
  41. The Black Box is considered a theatrical space, not a walkway, hangout, gymnasium, or storage area.
  42. You are responsible for any departmental makeup you use – return it better than you found it.
  43. The curtains located in the theatre are damaged by the oils in human skin – don’t touch the Velour front.
  44. All rolling objects (i.e. chairs, carts, dollies, furniture) travel down the Fine Arts area ramps at .1 mph- no need for further testing.
  45. The catwalk is neither for cats, nor for walking. It, the light lab, and booth are off limits unless instructed to visit.
  46. The only hats allowed in the theatre are those worn by the actors as costumes.
  47. Jumping off the front of the stage will lead to injury.  If not by your own actions, then by our actions!
  48. Absolutely no food or drink allowed in the fine arts wing unless permitted by a director. Or else.
  49. The raised, wooden end of the stage is called the “lip” – STAY OFF!
  50. Any sound backstage (footsteps, whispering, crashing into things, cell phones, etc.) can be heard in the house.
  51. Upperclassmen really aren’t that scary, and they are more than willing to give rides home with parental consent. And remember, gas money is always appreciated!
  52. Vocal projection (onstage) is important to communication – you are never too loud (onstage).
  53. Paint is a creative tool, not a weapon.
  54. Only touch the stage furniture when you are blocked to do so.
  55. To date another student within the drama department is generally dangerous to our global future. No public displays of affection are allowed
  56. Ten minutes early is on time. On-time is late.
  57. After school, students may park around the scene shop.
  58. We accept those who take pride in the department – give suggestions openly and appropriately.
  59. If it is not yours, ask permission to borrow, grab, read, move, or touch – otherwise it is stealing.
  60. Theatre people are quite often sarcastic – DON’T TAKE EVERYTHING PERSONALLY!  
  61. We all love music, but… not during focus time, that time is used for focusing and concentrating on the performance.
  62. You’re responsible for making sure your hours are recorded accurately—check them regularly.
  63. Although you may be a star, the department does not want your autograph.  No unauthorized markings.
  64. If you have to be late to rehearsal, keep your excuses until after – don’t waste more time.
  65. Hooting and hollering audience members are not showing production respect.
  66. It takes ALL members of a production staff to make a show – respect each other.
  67. Come to crew! It substantially benefits our department and the show, and is not limited to “techies”.
  68. If you are experiencing a social problem, please tend to it outside of rehearsals, crews, and performances.
  69. Private jokes will only be recognized for one full year after the first occurrence.
  70. Scripts may be checked out only using the proper procedures- talk to Jimena.
  71. When answering the telephone, say, “Tomball STAGE, this is ___ (first name) how may I help you?” Ask who is speaking and if it is not an urgent matter, please take a message.
  72. It is best to save opinions and critiques of other people’s work related to the current production until after opening night. ;)
  73. Rehearsals are not playtime (unless the directors assign an exercise/activity).
  74. Peeking out at the audience from behind the curtain is called “breaking” and will result in the same.
  75. Flowers and congratulations take place in the reception hall after the performance. You may congregate after the show until the lights flicker.
  76. Humility makes friends, arrogance offends. (Especially after the cast list is posted.)
  77. The cherry picker refers to the hydraulic lift used only by approved techies to reach lights/set. It is not a torture device or toy!
  78. The “lamps” or light bulbs used in stage lighting are damaged by human touch, and humans may be damaged by touching them. Also please don’t place wigs in front of dressing room lights as they may melt. (turn off lights when not being used)
  79. The mirrors located in Mrs. Hearn’s room are not to be used for personal cosmetology.
  80. If asked to test microphones, use normal speech – not noises, blowing, tapping, or shouting.
  81. Leave bad attitudes, chips on shoulders, baggage, rumors, and disrespect at the door.
  82. The STAGE is for theatre, not for “drama.”
  83. Directors are always hoping to be impressed by auditions – no need to fret they’re here for you! 
  84. We are creative enough to think of more appropriate words than four letter ones.
  85. The “NO GO ZONE” is the area in Mr.Cottom’s room defined by colored tape. It is OFF LIMITS unless approved.
  86. There are many rules and regulations when it comes to the dressing room. Please learn and respect them.
  87. The fire curtain is extremely heavy and dangerous… beware, it may kill you.
  88. Theatre is full of doors of opportunity; make sure to use the right one to get to the parking lot.
  89. If you WANT respect…. GIVE respect.
  90. You must have permission to enter the rooms with a STOP sign on the door.
  91. Tomballstage.org is our website. It includes the calendar, the MOPAP, and important announcements. Tickets for productions may also be bought on the STAGE website.
  92. STAGE shirts and show shirts are cool and don’t need alterations. They are always worn on STAGE meeting days, opening nights, and special occasions.
  93. If you are cast in a show, yet remain “car-less” for various reasons, make sure your parents know when and where to pick you up. Directors will make every effort to end rehearsal at the scheduled time.  Please make sure your rides are on time as well.
  94. Leave things the way you found them, or better.
  95. Photos or videos that have any association with the Tomball STAGE must be approved before adding to social media.
  96. Please wear appropriate, and clean, undergarments in the dressing room.
  97. Singing songs from past musicals will result in permanent loss of vocal cords!
  98. It is nice to donate blood… please do not donate if involved in a production.
  99. Headset conversation should be limited to the topics pertaining ONLY to the show.
  100.  NEVER take pictures of Cottom… he will destroy the phone, camera, and/or you.

 If you have any questions about this list or any other STAGE concern, ask an officer before the director.